Rastrick Junior Football Club takes safeguarding very seriously. Please see below information which will help you report a possible child protection issue.

  • If you see a situation involving a child/children that doesn’t seem quite right or makes you feel uncomfortable, you need to report your concerns to the Team’s Manager or Coach.
  • If the situation involves the Team’s Manager or Coach then you can report to another age group’s coach, another member or person associated with the club or the club Welfare Officer – Sara Goodall.
  • You can also email Sara Goodall directly at
  • For reference, our Safeguarding Policy is here.

If you have any concerns please raise them immediately – no action is not an option!

You can also raise any concerns directly with the following organisations:

Please read the following information leaflet from The FA which may also help.

Parent Information

The FA Safeguarding Referral Form

You can find out more on the FA Website using this external link: or listen to England Leaders explain 4 steps to safeguarding here: