Rastrick High School, Field Top Rd, Rastrick, Brighouse HD6 3XB

3G Pitch and Grass Pitch Facility – User guide

Keeping our pitch in perfect condition

The Rastrick High School 3G pitch is a fantastic opportunity for our players to use a world class football facility. To ensure it stands the test of time, we all need to abide by the guidance from the pitch manufacturers.

As well as the need to use the right footwear to look after our pitch, all users are expected to keep litter to a minimum and if they have litter, to please dispose of it in one of the bins at pitch side.

The correct footwear for the Rastrick High School 3G pitch:

In addition to wearing the correct footwear, as highlighted below. The footwear must also be clean and free from sharp edges (particularly if they are metal studs).

We expect coaches to check the footwear of their players and abide by the rules in regard to footwear expectations. If a player does not have the correct footwear, then they must not use the facility.

No Smoking Site

The entire school site is a no smoking site for all users. If users are found to be smoking on-site, they will be asked to leave. If the user refuses, they will be reported to their club and to the management committee.

No dogs allowed on site

There are no dogs allowed on site. This applies in the carparking grass pitches and 3G pitch.


It is important that we are respectful and courteous to our neighbours.  Please DO NOT block driveways, park close to street corners, opposite road junctions or park in an area or manner that would cause difficulty to anyone in the local area.

Please DO NOT park in following areas:
1. Longroyde Road Rastrick
2. Oaklands

These are tight roads and are essential routes for the emergency services and buses.


The facility has a defibrillator on site. This can be accessed by speaking to the on-site security team.