Rastrick Junior Football Club


The name of the club shall be RASTRICK JUNIOR FOOTBALL CLUB whose offices shall be at an address decided by the Executive Committee – at present this address is Rastrick Cricket Club, Clough Lane, Rastrick.


  1. Objects
  2. Membership
  3. General Management
  4. Officers
  5. Sub Committees
  6. Voting Procedures
  7. General meetings and annual general meetings
  8. Renumeration
  9. Amendments
  10. Dissolution
  11. Definition
  1. Objects

The Charity’s Objects are the promotion of community participation in healthy recreation for the benefit of children and young people living in, but not limited to, Rastrick, and surrounding areas, by the provision of facilities for playing football.

In meeting our Objects, we will:

  • Organise and operate teams to play in the Huddersfield and District Junior Football League or any other affiliated competitions as may be approved by the Executive Committee. The club will be affiliated to the West Riding County FA.
  • Ensure all players, supporters, volunteers and visitors are welcome in the Club, irrespective of Age; Disability; Gender reassignment; Marriage and civil partnership; Pregnancy and maternity; Race; Religion or belief; Sex; Sexual orientation.
  • Promote in the players of Rastrick Junior F.C a culture of sportsmanship, physical fitness and self-esteem. This will be accomplished by improving the skills and fitness of individuals whilst ensuring, at all times, they respect themselves, team mates, match officials, coaching staff and the players and officials of their opponents.
  • Develop close links with local primary and high schools, for the benefit of all parties concerned.
  • Develop close links with Rastrick Cricket Club and encourage our players to continue their football at open age level with their football team.
  • Operate in a manner that enhances our position as an integral part of our local community.
  • Actively assist all our officials, managers and coaches to acquire skills and qualifications which will enable them to provide the best quality coaching and care for our players.
  • Ensure that our players play and train in a safe and secure environment where those responsible appreciate the needs of young people.
  1. Membership

2.1      The members of the club shall be the parents or guardians of each registered player (up to a maximum of 2 per player) membership lasts from the date at which a child signs on until the signing on date of the following year. All officers, managers, coaching staff and team representatives become members automatically on appointment and remain so whilst in office.

2.2      Each member has a single vote at an Annual General Meeting (AGM), Special General Meeting (SGM) or General Meeting (GM) irrespective of the number of children they have within the club.

2.3      Compliance with the Rules, Policies and Codes of Conduct of Rastrick Junior FC is a condition of membership.

2.4      All members will be prepared to participate and assist in the running of the club and their team wherever possible.

2.5      A member will be entitled to:

2.5.1   Vote at any AGM, SGM or GM.

2.5.2   Nominate and/or second candidates for any executive or non-executive position within the club

2.5.3   Be eligible for nomination for any executive or non-executive position within the club providing they are aged 18 years and over.

2.5.4  All members of Rastrick Junior F.C. will be encouraged to take up                  membership of Rastrick Cricket Club.

  1. General Management

3.1      The management of the club will be vested in the Executive Committee consisting of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Social Secretary.

3.2      The Executive Committee will be assisted by non-executive officers consisting of Child Protection Officer, Commercial Officer, Governance Officer, Strategy & Development Officer and Tournament Officer.

3.3      Each age group will have one Manager in overall charge – where an age group operates more than one team, the age group manager has the discretion to appoint assistant managers.

3.4      Dependent on its size, each age group will have one or more team representatives whose main role will be coordinating the Club’s fundraising activities within that age group (2 Representatives for age groups playing mini soccer, 1 Representative for each 11 a side team).

3.5.     The Executive Committee has the authority to set up sub committees as required.

3.6      The Executive Committee has the authority to co-opt non-executive persons onto any committee/sub-committee.

  1. Officers

4.1      The Executive and Non-Executive Officers of the club shall be elected bi-annually at the AGM by a simple majority of those present.

4.2      Managers, Assistant Managers and Team Representatives shall remain in post until they resign or a successful challenge to them is made (see below).

4.3      Where a new age group is formed there will be one age group Manager and two Team Representatives. A simple majority at the AGM will elect them. As a condition of their appointment, all Managers, Assistant Managers and coaches of newly formed age groups will undertake the F.A Level 1 Coaching Course as soon as practicable and register under the County F.A. Child Protection scheme immediately. In all cases the age group Manager retains overall authority for that age group, irrespective of the number of teams within it.

4.4      All the officials of the club listed above will remain in post unless:

4.4.1   The post holder resigns. In the case of Managers and Team Representatives, the Secretary will invite the members in that age group to nominate a replacement. If only one nomination is received this will be ratified at the next General Meeting. If more than one nomination is received then the voting procedure below will apply.

4.4.2   In the case of Executive and Non-Executive Officers, all club members will be invited to nominate candidates. The procedure for appointment will be the same as above.

4.4.3   A challenge is made to the holder at the AGM. Any challenge must be made in writing to the Secretary at least three days prior to the AGM and, in the case of Managers, Assistant Managers and Team Representatives, be nominated by a member from that age group. At the AGM the challenger must be seconded by a minimum of 4 member votes for the voting procedure to go ahead.

4.4.4   A challenge is made to the holder during the season. In this case the challenge must be made in writing to the Secretary and signed by a minimum of 4 member votes from the relevant age group (if applicable) Subject to the above, the Secretary will invite all relevant parties to the next General Meeting where the vote will take place.

  1. Sub Committees

5.1      The Executive Committee will appoint Sub Committee Chairperson and members.

5.2.     The Sub Committee will have the authority to co-opt additional members as required.

5.3      Any member of the club may attend a Sub Committee meeting providing due notice and reason are given.

  1. Voting Procedures

6.1      The numbers for a quorum at a General Meeting are 3 Executive Officers plus 4 other Members.

6.2      All decisions are by a simple majority of those present (except disciplinary matters -see club rules).

6.3      Any member may appoint a representative by proxy to vote on their behalf providing the Secretary receives notice 24 hours in advance.

6.4      In all matters of club business where a vote is tied, the Chair has the casting vote.

6.5      Where more than one nomination is received for any position, the following will apply.

○ The Secretary will prepare ballot papers prior to the meeting with the candidates’ names and the position to be filled.

○ At the meeting the Chair will confirm that the candidates wish to stand – each candidate will have the opportunity to address the meeting if they wish,

○ The candidates will be asked to leave the room.

○ The Secretary will distribute ballot papers to each member.

○ The folded ballot papers will be collected by the Secretary and counted by three Executive members, one of whom must be the Chair or Vice Chair (provided they are not involved in the vote)

○ The candidates will be invited back into the room and the result announced.

  1. General Meetings and Annual General Meeting

7.1      General meetings of club officials will take place monthly at a date and time to be agreed at the previous meeting.

7.2      Any member on application to the Chair can call a General or Special Meeting. The Chair has the discretion to consult with other officers as to whether the application is appropriate.

7.3      Members may vote by proxy if required (see voting procedures).

7.4      The Chair or Vice Chair will be Chairperson for all meetings.

7.5      All decisions will be made by a majority vote with the Chair having the casting vote if required.

7.6.     All members will be informed of forthcoming meetings via newsletters and the website.

7.7      Minutes of all meetings will be posted on the website and copies available to all members on request from the Meeting Clerk.

7.8      Any member wishing an item to be discussed at a meeting should inform the Meeting Clerk at least 3 days in advance so the item can be added to the agenda.

  1. Remuneration

8.1      No officer or member shall receive any fees or profit from club funds, except for the provision of professional services or goods. `Bona Fide` expenses necessary to carry out their role can be reimbursed on provision of receipts to the Treasurer.

8.2      Any Officer or other representative of the club appointed to attend meetings or events on behalf of the club may claim `out of pocket` expenses subject to the provision of receipts.

8.3.     Items of equipment given to Officers to assist in carrying out their duties remain the property of Rastrick Junior FC and must be returned on request.

  1. Amendments

9.1      This Constitution can be amended at a General Meeting, AGM or SGM by a simple majority of those present.

  1. Dissolution

10.1    The club shall continue until dissolved by a majority vote at an Annual, General or Special Meeting.

10.2    Upon dissolution all outstanding debts and costs will be met from existing funds. Any imbalance will be met by an equal contribution from the members at the time of dissolution. All assets in the form of funds and equipment will be offered to clubs with similar aims in the local area. In this instance, clubs will be invited to apply for items and disbursements will be made by agreement of the Executive Officers of the club at the time of dissolution.

  1. Definition

11.1    “The Club” referred to in this Constitution is Rastrick Junior Football Club.